StarNight Laser Reviewers Finds a New Way to Sparkle

Starlight Laser Review Picture
Source: Theresa’s Mixed Nuts

Theresa (from Theresa’s Mixed Nuts) loves throwing a good party and was excited to have a Fourth of July event at her home.  “While I may not be able to put on a grand firework display, this year I do get to add a little sparkle and shine to our gathering with my new Starnight Laser,” says Theresa.

Theresa loved how Star Night Laser allowed her to project a display of firework-type lights right onto her house.  It “really increas[ed] the 4th of July ambiance to our gathering.”

The Star Night Laser display won everyone over at her party.  “It’s a truly mesmerizing display! The lights span over 2,500 square feet, so we have no problem projecting the show over the entire house,” Theresa reports.  “There are 8 different modes, from still displays to dancing displays. You can let it filter through each one, or if you prefer a specific mode, you can program it to project just your favorite.”

You can use StarNight Laser for a wide variety of parties!

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