Say “I Do” with StarNight Laser Dancers

Say I Do with Starnight Laser DancersJune and August are two of the most common months for weddings in America.  They’re a time when many people can get off from work to attend your wedding.  But weddings aren’t only about picking the right date, and getting people to attend.  It’s about allowing everyone to celebrate your big day with you!  It’s about having a great time!  It’s about the celebration of your love!

Wedding receptions are a time to honor your guests for their time, their gifts, and for simply attending.  It’s an act of hospitality towards those who came to your wedding, hence the name “reception.”  Some couples can afford to show their hospitality with endless and exquisite decorations, the finest food and wine, and countless hours of hired entertainment (the average costs of weddings is currently a little over $26,000 and much of that amount goes towards the reception).  Others simply can’t afford this average budget.  Or they can afford it, but prefer to create a simple and welcoming environment that says “thank you” with loads of fun and a spirit of love vs. all the high-end whistle and bells.

Two areas of common expenditure are decorations and entertainment.   Instead of hiring someone who will find a way to transform every inch of your venue, choose a venue that is already naturally beautiful, spacious, and welcoming.  Then take a minimalistic approach and add simple yet clear decorations to make it your own (i.e. forget the walls and walkways and focus solely on exquisite centerpieces and dinnerware).   Instead of hiring a professional DJ, reach out in your various networks and find someone who has equipment that is powerful enough for a large space. From there it’s extremely simple to have all of your favorite songs on a playlist that can run automatically.   Instead of hiring an entertainment company, bring in your own spectacular lighting!  A set of StarNight Laser Dancers is the ideal alternative to those expensive lighting packages that entertainment companies provide.  Star Night Laser Dancers can transform any inside room into a spectacular star-kissed interior. Simply set your StarNight Laser Dancers at various places surrounding your venue (or the dance floor) and watch as your guest are amazed by the dancing, dazzling array of lights.  What better way to encourage your guests to celebrate your love than by hitting a dance floor filled with sparkling lights?

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  1. Steven

    I’m going to a wedding in August and would love to see some starnight lasers there.

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