Host an Autumn Garden Party: Compliments of StarNight Laser!

girl-1245835_640Garden and backyard parties are a wonderful way to enjoy the warmer weather, the great outdoors, and good times with your family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers.  Autumn is one of the best times to host a party.  There’s little chance of snow, but it’s also not too hot and muggy!   StarNight Laser invites you to consider these great autumn garden party ideas!

  • Grab some Pumpkins: They’re not just for Halloween!  Use full or carved pumpkins everywhere to help decorate your party.  You can also use pumpkin as serving bowls!  Simply locate some nice, round pumpkins that sit fairly center.  Cut off the top third, clean out the innards and place a nice cloth napkin inside to act as a liner and then fill them up with some of your favorite snack foods.
  • Show off the Cider:  Purchase some delicious cider and place in a serving bowl.  Surround the bowl with apples, pumpkins, gourds, squash, and mums!
  • Beer and Wines:  Wrap some wooden vine around a tin or metal bucket.  Add some fallen leaves to transform it into a stylish wine and/or beer cooler.  Be sure to throw in some spiced apple wine or ale!
  • Bring in Some Warmth:  Having some type of fire going is a great way to create the mood for your Autumn Garden Party, especially if you’re having it near the evening hours.  Don’t have a set fire pit?  No problem.  There’s plenty of moderately priced portable fire pits that are available.  Purchase a smaller one or borrow one from a friend.  The fire is great for allowing people to feel cozy.  It’s also a great chance to make those s’mores!
  • Swing Away!  A swing hung from a sturdy branch allows the children (or the children-at-heart) to enjoy the last days of milder weather. Some people make the swing look inviting by decorating the tree with lights.  A much easier, quicker, and safer route is to use StarNight Laser.  Simply place the StarNight Laser towards the chosen tree, choose your favorite settings, and Voila!  You have an instant decorative tree for your Autumn Garden Party!

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