Happy 4th of July from Starnight Laser!

Starnight Laser and 4th of JulyStarNight Laser would like to wish everyone a wonderful Independence Day and we’re celebrating by providing you with some tips on how to celebrate “the 4th” with a party at home this year!


Cut red, white, and blue tablecloths into strips, and tie them with a string of lights for a great 4th of July banner.  Don’t like this idea?  Create a banner with red, white, and blue bandanas instead.  Fold them in half (so they’re shaped like a triangle) and tie their corners to a rope spacing them out evenly.

Use those watermelons to create works of art.  It works on pumpkins and it works on watermelons too!  Carve the words “4 of July,” a big “4,” stars, or even a flag in some watermelons.  Show them off at the beginning of the party and then cut and serve them for dessert!

Give the table some color and decoration.  Use red, white, and blue bandanas are your table napkins.  Wrap up the utensils inside and tie them with some twine to give them an Americana feel.

Dress up your drinks by freezing red cherries in some ice cubes and blueberries in some other ice cubes.  Place a couple of each in clear glasses with water or clear soda and watch how the colors come alive!


While fireworks are a great way to celebrate the 4th, they’re not the ONLY way to show off the lights – and sometimes they’re not the safest choice.  Use your Starnight Laser to help brighten up the night and to celebrate Independence Day in style!  The Star Night Laser uses advanced holographic, 3-D Laser light technology that allows you to create a 3D starfield on (or within) your home!

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  1. Jacques

    I actually saw starnight lasers at the fourth of july party I went to this year. Added an awesome effect to the house

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