Four Tips to Celebrate Birthdays with Style!

StarNight Laser Dancers Birthday Party TipsBirthdays are a time to remember and reflect on the birth of your family members, friends, and co-workers.  They are also a time for fellowship, celebration, and pure fun!   Here are some great tips on how to throw a perfect birthday bash for a person of ANY age!


  • Pick a theme: Do you have a child who loves a certain cartoon character?  Is someone “over the hill?”  Does Uncle Jack love airplanes or does your best friend love a certain move?   Everyone in your life has things they love, appreciate, or collect.  Draw from those ideas and create a birthday party with that theme.  Having a theme is a great way to help to keep your focused and organized.  It also helps your guests know how to dress and perhaps even what kind of gift to buy.
  • Get the word out: The goal of any good party is to entice people to come.  Two of the best ways to encourage them is to sound excited about the party, and giving them enough notice. You can accomplish the first goal by getting creative with the invitations.  Don’t simply send out generic emails or cards.  Make the invitations fit your chosen theme.  Make them interactive if you create them online.  “Get crafty” if sending invitations in the mail.  The second goal can be achieved by sending invitations about 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • Decorate with your theme: Now that you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to use a little creativity to set the scene and decorate the place.  Cruise a dollar store or craft store to help get those creative juices flowing and then come up with a plan of what to buy.  You don’t need to break the bank in this step.  If you’re having a princess party, for example, you don’t need everything you buy to be a licensed- character princess.  A pink tablecloth and purple plates says “princess” already.  You don’t need to buy the more expensive ones with your child’s favorite princess character all over it.
  • Keep everyone entertained: One of the most common birthday party mishaps is the planner’s belief that people + food/drinks automatically means everyone will feel entertained.  That is typically not the case.  Take some time to plan activities, and ones that are appropriate for all the ages of your guests.  A great way to please most people is to have games, music, and/or a place to dance.   One way to really surprise you guests – and encourage them to have fun – is to use lights!  StarNight Laser Dancers are a perfect choice to create an exciting environment for your party.  They’re super-easy to setup and will showcase thousands of dancing lights wherever you choose to project them.  Watch how they’ll immediately get the attention of your guests!  Match them with music and you have an instant dance party!


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  1. Judy B.

    Great tips. I’ll keep this post in mind when planning my daughters party next month.

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