Fall Harvest Festivals

StarNight Fall Harvest FestivalHarvest festivals are traditionally a celebration that occurs around the time of the main harvest in the region. They typically feature feasting using crops that come to maturity around that time. Here in North America, Harvest time coincides with fall and is often celebrated around Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Many communities have begun celebrating with a Harvest Festival or Fall Festival instead of Halloween, which may be seen as against some religions.  There are games and carnival prizes, usually small items and trinkets, maybe some sweets.  Face painting is a fun way to dress up without having to wear a costume, though those are usually welcome as well.

Other fall activities include hay rides, corn mazes, and pumpkin painting.

Some schools hold Harvest Festivals to encourage parents and children to trick-or-treat in a central location, particularly in rural areas where there may be too much distance between homes to go door to door. Some schools do “Trunk or Treat” where parents and other safe individuals bring treats and set up a trick or treat station in the trunk of their car in the school parking lot.  The parents can have fun dressing up and decorating their cars, as well! (Click here for some neat examples)

StarNight Laser is a great accompaniment to Fall Harvest Festivals. Instead of stringing up lights and decorations, use StarNight Laser to illuminate the ceiling (if indoors) or tree canopy.  The red setting really brings out the fall colors and enhances the color of the autumn leaves!

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