Celebrate Summer Parties with StarNight Laser Dancers!

StarNight Laser Review - Thereas Mixed Nuts
Source: Therea’s Mixed Nuts

Theresa’s Mixed Nuts is a blog where Theresa loves to connect with other moms.  In her recent review of our StarNight Laser Dancers she shared how she loves a good party!

She held a Fourth of July party this year and discussed some limitations she always has at play.  “My neighborhood is filled with many trees, so we don’t really have the option of buying fireworks to celebrate the festivities,” she states.  StarNight Laser Dancers to the rescue!

“While I may not be able to put on a grand firework display, this year I do get to add a little sparkle and shine to our gathering with my new Starnight Laser….[Now] I can safely put some ‘firework’ lights right on my house, really increasing the 4th of July ambiance to our gathering.”

Theresa goes on to discuss the price of StarNight Laser and how she planned to use her StarNight Laser Dancers for other summer events saying:  “The Starnight Laser is competitively priced at $19.99 and well worth every penny in my opinion. It will surely be the talk of every summertime barbecue….”

Read Theresa’s full Star Night Laser review.

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