Celebrate Picnic Season with Star Night Laser

Starnight Laser and PicnicsWe’re now beyond Memorial Day and it’s considered the start of “picnic season” across much of the United States.   While some of these outdoor affairs can occur on the small – and even romantic – side, others can be big, lively, and festive affairs.   If you’re planning the latter, this post from Star Night Laser is for you!

Are you trying to find some new and creative ways to make your picnic into a party?  Consider these tips as you make your plans and get ready for a day filled with fun!


Start with the food – If there isn’t good food, and enough of it, it’s hardly a picnic.  Start off the day right by making sure you got the food covered.  Not a fan of cooking?  No problem.  There are many take-out options you can consider for your picnic (i.e buckets of fried chicken, pizza, and all sorts of side dishes).  Many supermarkets also offer prepared picnic food.  Also make sure you have some kind of head count and that you’re buying enough.   Finger food is a great way to go.  It involves fewer utensils and plates, but don’t forget the napkins.

Where do I sit? – While many fun picnics offer plenty of reasons to get up and move, some picnic-goers will need a place to sit most of the day (or rest from the fun they’re having).  Be sure you enough seats!  If you’re using a park, or any place with picnic benches, count the total number of seats and decide whether extra chairs (or tables) are also needed.

Fun, fun, and more fun – Fill your picnic with all sorts of fun activities.  Don’t simply set up board games.  Find games that encourage people to move, laugh, and bond with others.  You can play team sports, have wheelbarrow or sack races, setup a mini-carnival for the kiddies, play games with water balloons or other water-based toys, and be sure to have plenty of Frisbees and balls. Play some music to create the “heartbeat of your party” (if you’re using a public space make sure you’re allowed to play music, or if you’re at home check in with your neighbors first).  Then really take the picnic party fun to the next level by using your Star Night Laser!   Place it against your picnic pavilion to help people find the right picnic and to know, right from the get-go, that this picnic is going to be a blast!  Use the Star Night Laser on the area of your yard where all the games and activities are located to draw people into the fun.   Or shoot the lights from your Starnight Laser on the food tables to showcase all the goodies.  The options are endless!

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  1. Adam J.

    Picnics are my favorite part of summer. Cool post

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