Aloha StarNight Laser! How to Have a Great Luau!

starnight-laser-luau-partiesAs customary within many cultures, previous generations of Hawaiians separated the sexes during many communal activities.  One of those activities was feasts and some foods were once considered forbidden to women (and to commoners).  In 1819, King Kamehameha II ended the taboo of separate gender dining by openly eating with women and the notion of “luaus” were born.

Today, luaus are celebrated across America. They’re fun and colorful!  They’re also filled with feasts not only for one’s stomachs, but for their ears as eyes as well.  Here are some tips to consider as you plan your luau party.



A luau is one of those parties that is most festive when everyone wears the appropriate attire.  Asking guests to wear Hawaiian shirts, tropical floral dresses, or grass skirts can really help to set the stage.  In case you have some hold-outs of this front, be sure to have plenty of leis on hand and make sure everyone is wearing one!



Ukuleles, marimbas, Israel Kamakawiw’ole, and, yes, even Elvis can help to create an instant island atmosphere for your luau.



While it’s safe to have some standard American fare, you also want at least some of your food to be a bit exotic.  Check out these great Hawaiian recipes on Pinterest.   Don’t forget some tropical beverages (and those pretty little umbrellas!)



While a lot of people do the limbo at luaus, it may surprise you to learn that the limbo does not originate from Hawaii (it comes from the island of Trinidad).  Consider these Hawaiian games for your luau.



First go for the staple items: tiki torches, lots of tropical flowers, seashells, grass skirts around your tables, etc.  Then take it to the next level by using your StarNight Laser!  StarNight Laser creates a superior light shot that can be used indoors or outdoors.  They’re super-easy to setup and they’ll project thousands of laser lights using 3D laser light technology.  StarNight Laser is a fantastic way to create an instant party!


Have a great luau party!  Aloha!

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